Welcome to LATENT SPACE. A project seeking to explore the creative potential of AI in breeding infinite new ideas, aesthetics and conversations. Showcasing artists working with AI, opening up the discussion and unpacking the language.

To enter the LATENT SPACE, contribute to the conversation by meeting our chatbot — powered by AI, of course.

The language used by the chatbot is based on the answers of people who it has previously met. Your answers will be used for the chatbot to learn from to allow it to hold an interesting, engaging and productive conversation about the creative application of AI with the next person who knocks on the door.

The images you see are guided by sentiment analysis — meaning that the chatbot detects words assigned as positive, negative or neutral — and react in real time to the sentiment of both your individual answer (background image) and the collective responses of everybody the chatbot has met (smaller centred box image).

By speaking with the chatbot, you are entering and becoming part of the LATENT SPACE — collaborating with the AI to explore the relationship between humans and machines, technology and creativity.